October 19, 2021


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Tori Spelling responds to rumors she got plastic surgery – Insider

Tori Spelling denied plastic surgery rumors during a recent radio.......
  • Tori Spelling denied plastic surgery rumors during a recent radio interview with Jeff Lewis. 
  • When asked why she looks “so good,” the “90210” star said it was all because of her makeup artist.
  • “She does makeup like no one else. I look completely different,” Spelling said on the radio show.

Tori Spelling shut down rumors that she’d had plastic surgery during a recent radio interview on “Jeff Lewis Live.”

When host Jeff Lewis asked her why she looks “so good,” Spelling denied that she’d had expensive surgical procedures done. 

“First of all, I have an amazing makeup artist now… and she does makeup like no one else. And my face — I look completely different,” the “90210” star said. 

“I look like I’ve had a nose job. Like, it’s straight now,” she added. “It’s all contouring.” 

Spelling also credited an exosome facial therapy treatment for her “flawless” looking skin.

“Maybe I’m looking younger. They said I look Snooki’s age — she’s 33, I’m like, ‘I’ll take that,'” Spelling, who’s 48, joked. 

The “Messyness” host first sparked plastic surgery rumors after posting a photo of herself and hairstylist Laura Rugetti to Instagram on September 3. 

The two women are both wearing the same denim jumpsuit, but followers quickly pointed out that Spelling looked a lot like Khloé Kardashian, who’s also been suspected of undergoing extensive cosmetic surgery. 

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Source: https://www.insider.com/tori-spelling-plastic-surgery-rumors-khloe-kardashian-comparison-2021-9