January 22, 2022


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In regional first, Cambridge doctor performs breast surgery to bring sensation back to mastectomy patient – CBC.ca

<p>A surgical procedure that restores sensation to A particular person's breast after current proces.......

A surgical procedure that restores sensation to A particular person’s breast after current process a mastectomy has been accomplished at Cambridge Memorial Hospital in A primary for Waterloo Area.

Dr. Kathryn Sawa says plastic surgeons are good at making breasts for mastectomy affected particular persons, however one factor They’ve not been In a place to do is restore The sensation for affected particular persons.

Till now, mastectomy affected particular persons typically have been unIn a place to really feel somefactor after the surgical procedure As quickly as they touched their breast. Sawa says she has seen affected particular persons who have harm themselves As a Outcome of of this from, For event, The warmth of a scorching water bottle.

But Sawa, a plastic and reconstruction surgeon, carried out a course of referred to as an innervated deep inferior epigastric perforator free flap breast reconstruction. The objective is to finally convey The sensation to A particular person who has had reconstructive surgical procedure.

“What we do is we take the stomach pores and skin, Truly, That is usually thrown away in a tiny tummy tuck. And we use that to create the breast,” Sawa said.

A pscorchingograph of An factor of the surgical group who carried out the eight hour breast reconstruction surgical procedure. Left to proper: Nicole Jan Registered Sensible Nurse; Dr. Kathryn Sawa, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon; Dr. Cathy Chen, Anesthesiologist; Nicole Leishman, Registered Nurse (Submitted by Cambridge Memorial Hospital)

“Normally We’d simply join these with microsurgical procedure, joinive tissue, the artery Inside the vein. But with this surgical procedure, we rejoin little nerves Inside the chest to nerves Inside the stomach tissue and …….

Source: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/kitchener-waterloo/cambridge-memorial-hospital-breast-reconstruction-sensation-1.6293465