December 3, 2021


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Dr. Gregory Crichlow gave cosmetic surgery industry a face-lift in Barbados and Caribbean region – Gulf Today

<p> Dr. Gregory Crichlow. </p> <p>Barbados’s prime aesthetic plastic sur.......

Dr. Gregory Crichlow.

Barbados’s prime aesthetic plastic surgeon, Dr. Gregory Crichlow, gave the beauty surgical procedure enterprise Inside the Caribbean a face-enhance when he started AvantBlue Aesthetics 14 years in the past.

Collectively with his revolutionary Thoughts-set and dedication to excellence in service, he has reworked the area’s popularity from a vacationer vacation spot to a Most relevant selection for beauty surgical procedure And coverings.

Dr. Crichlow started AvantBlue Aesthetics as a progressive facility that chooses to apply the legacy of evaluation, enhancement, and enhancement Inside the profession.

Rather than getting caught Inside the enterprise’s previous methods, the beauty surgeon decided to proceed improvements To hunt greater outcomes for his consumers. That’s why this College of the West Indies Alumnus sought further graspy of his craft earlier than starting his personal apply.

Dr. Crichlow started his apply after graduating with A strong efficiency On the College of the West Indies, notably in surgical procedure. He conagencyed very early prowess in surgical procedure and went into The sector of Cosmetic surgical procedure, and superior his expertise set with a focused completion of a quantity of certifications, together with widespread surgical procedure, head and neck surgical procedure, flap reconstruction and micro surgical procedure. He furtherly accomplished a world-renpersonaled fellowship in Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery and a grasp’s diploma in Aesthetic Surgery in Latin America.

Like many prolonged-standing worthwhile members of the profession, Dr. Crichlow proceeds To work together in CME and for a quantity of years has furtherly contributed again to the profession by serving on The school of a quantity of aesthetic and Cosmetic surgical procedure organizations, partaking in evaluation, writing articles, …….