October 19, 2021


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China’s People’s Daily slams medical beauty ads, urges regulation – Reuters.com

BEIJING (Reuters) -China’s People’s Daily newspaper said it was “imperative and urgent” to r.......

BEIJING (Reuters) -China’s People’s Daily newspaper said it was “imperative and urgent” to regulate advertisements bombarding people with recommendations for cosmetic surgery, procedures and treatments, as they had become excessive, and some made false claims.

FILE PHOTO: A patient waits for her so-called “double eyelid surgery”, which adds a crease to the eyelids to make the eyes appear larger, to begin in a plastic surgery clinic in Shanghai November 4, 2007. Picture taken November 4, 2007. REUTERS/Nir Elias/

“From posters at bus stops and in subway, to introductions on social websites and content platforms, from advertisements planted in films and television variety shows, to promotions by live-streamers, medical beauty advertisements are overwhelmingly pervasive,” the ruling Communist Party’s official newspaper said in a commentary published on its website.

The People’s Daily said some advertisements associate good looks with “high-quality”, “diligence” and “success”, fabricating stories about “plastic surgery changing one’s destiny” and distorting aesthetic perceptions.

The criticism of the sector comes as Chinese regulators have wielded a wide-ranging crackdown on industries from technology to education to property to strengthen their control over the economy and society after years of runaway growth.

The spate of regulatory activity has raised investors’ concerns over which sectors might come under scrutiny next.

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Source: https://www.reuters.com/article/china-regulation-medical-advertising/chinas-peoples-daily-slams-medical-beauty-ads-urges-regulation-idUSKBN2GA08I